Questions and answers on the BOSS load binders attachment.

The Boss multiplies the power of the drill by at least 15 times. This couples with the load binders multiplied force from the screw design provides enough torque to tighten a chain adequately without using all the force available from a good quality cordless drill.

Yes. Everything has a breaking point or a point where unnecessary wear and tear will reduce the service life of a product. There is no benefit in over tightening your chain. The power of the newer cordless impact wrenches can over tighten almost anything and do a lot of damage if you’re not careful. The BOSS is designed to be used with cordless drills and not cordless impacts for this reason.

If you look closely at the BOSS you will see quality throughout. We use big bearings, not bushings. The drive shaft is 5/8 inch. Shaft, drive coil, washers and nuts are stainless steel. The frame is all aluminum. We know the Boss will perform above and beyond expectations when used with a quality cordless drill.

The BOSS is guaranteed for one year against poor workmanship or defective parts

Cordless impacts do not provide the constant torque of a cordless drill. Their power comes from impacting or hitting. They are not as efficient or as fast as a drill and do not work well with this product. They will reduce the service life of the load binder and load binder Boss. The use of cordless impacts would void warranty.

The BOSS is designed to be operated with a cordless drill only.

A 18 or 20 volt drill is ideal and will have more power than you need. Smaller drills work fine as well. They may run out of battery life sooner and you may have to manually finish off the tightening but they will still speed up the time significantly just extending the load binder and taking out the slack in the chain. You always have the quick release on the Boss to allow manual tightening with a few strokes of the handle if necessary.

A quality drill can give you many loosen and tighten cycles, enough to chain down several pieces of equipment without recharging. If battery power does become low there are ways to extend battery life and get the job done at the same time quickly and with minimum effort. Here’s how.
Use the drill to extend the load binder when closed and to snug up the chain quickly to the point where significant battery power will be needed to tighten it further. At that point you can help it along. The drill under power will allow you to move the handle up easily. Once up you can save battery power by shutting off drill and pushing the handle down to tighten the chain without removing drill. Power the drill again will allow you to lift the handle again and then you can shut off the drill and push the handle down manually to tighten chain more. Repeat until chain is tight as you want. It will only take a couple of times. The chain will be tight and you will have saved battery life and wear and tear on your drill, load binder and load binder boss.

To save even more battery life switch to manual override after snugging up chain by releasing the quick release lever and doing it all manually. This can be done in seconds.

This will probably never happen, but if it does the thumb lock needs to be adjusted. Bend the tab at the top of the thumb lock out or away from the binder ever so slightly so that the exposed edge catches the quick release lever when you try to move the lever to the unlock position. Push the thumb lock to the left to release the lever. If you have purchased the BOSS without the thumb lock feature please call us at 306-665-2223 and we will send you the update at no charge. It is easy to install on any of the earlier versions that did not have it.


Read the directions again. If that don’t help call us at 306-665-2223 or email us at We will be glad to help.

The ratchet load binder is the best choice between “boomer” (over center ) load binders and ratchet binders because of its safety, reliability and torque. The big draw back is it takes forever to tie down your load. Many operators don’t like them because they are so slow and labor intensive.

Safety concerns have almost made the “boomer” binders obsolete. Many commercial business will not allow them on sight. The only choice remaining is the slow but safe and reliable ratchet binder. There is a need to increase the speed to eliminate the complaint of being too slow. The BOSS was designed for that purpose and more.
The logical choice for power to speed up the load binder is the cordless drill. But with that comes it’s own set of “Now What?” problems.
NO drill available. Now what?
Low battery. Now What?
Not enough power in drill to tighten chain. Now What?
One drill and more than one operator tying down the load. Now what?

All these “Now What?” problems make any drill powered load binder without a manual override a potential problem. Putting on a wrench or ratchet and socket is not a solution, it just compounds the original problem of the ratchet binder being too slow. The BOSS has the patent pending quick release feature that lets you go from power to manual operation in seconds. This eliminates the Now What? problems.
Another reason people are choosing the BOSS is because it is an attachment not a complete binder. It converts the binder you already own and paid for into the fastest and safest chain tie down anywhere at a fraction of the cost of a complete drill driven binder. The BOSS can also be moved from an old worn out binder to a new binder if desired. These are all money saving features of the BOSS.