Convert your ratchet binder to power drive


Hands down, the BUDDY will save you more time than almost any other tool of its kind.


Want to do things manually? With the BUDDY attached, your load binder can be operated manually at any time.

SAFe & easy

Let the drill do the work. Reduce chance of injury. The BUDDY makes the physically demanding job of operating binders effortless and quick.

Built to last

Sealed bearings, aluminum frame, heat treated drive gear. Light weight, but tough. The BUDDY is built to give trouble-free service under the harshest conditions.




Get hooked on speed and efficiency

The BUDDY is quick. Quick enough to put a smile on your face the first time you use it. There is NOTHING faster. You can loosen off or snug up your chain in under 4 seconds. Time saved using the BUDDY will have you driving down the road instead of chaining down your load. Time is money. Your time is worth the BUDDY.

Get hooked on efficiency. The BUDDY  gets the torque it needs to tighten the chain from speed. Another benefit of speed is it shortens drill operating time to minimize battery power consumption. This significantly increases the cycles between charging over drill systems that get their torque from slow speed and high gearing. Those systems not only take a lot longer to tighten and loosen the binder but they use a lot of battery power. Remember, with the BUDDY you’re never stuck if battery power gets low or you do not have a drill handy. At anytime you can manually tighten your load binder with the BUDDY attached. A couple of quick manual strokes of the binder and it’s tight.

Let the drill do the work. The BUDDY makes the physically demanding job of operating binders effortless and quick. The repetitive motion of manually tightening and loosening your load binder is a thing of the past. No more sore shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. Your load binder, the BUDDY, and a cordless drill are the perfect combination to improving work place safety. 


Get hooked on operator safety



We all know the demanding environment that ratchet load binders work in. Hot, cold, dirt, mud, sand, water, snow, road salt, etc. The BUDDY is made to work in these environments. The BUDDY has sealed bearings, aluminum frame, heat treated drive gear. Lightweight but tough. The BUDDY is built to give trouble-free service under the harshest conditions.

The STANDARD BUDDY is designed to fit on the 5/16″ to 3/8″ and the 3/8″ to 1/2″ load binders. The BIG BUDDY became available in May 2022 and is designed to fit on the two piece handle 1/2″ to 5/8″ load binders. The one piece handle 1/2″ to 5/8″ big binders and the smaller binders are narrower where the BUDDY fits and require an optional spacer plate to fit. Spacer plates need to be ordered separately. Check if you have a one or two piece handle before ordering. See our Big BUDDY Installation video to learn more.

This website only offers the STANDARD BUDDY on line because it fits on the most common sizes of binders, 5/16″ to 3/8″ and  3/8″ to 1/2″. If you wish to order the BIG BUDDY and/or spacer plates email us at or Phone: 1-306-683-0330. Discounts for 4 or more are available when you contact us direct by email or phone but not on our website.



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It is normal to test a new product before going all in. That is what our buy button is all about. Once you’ve tried the BUDDY we know you will want it on all your ratchet load binders and you may even recommend it to your friends. That is when our volume buying program will kick in to save you money. Discounts start when purchasing as few as 4 BUDDYs. When you want 4 or more then it’s time we want to meet you on a more personal level. We ask that you contact us by email or phone. We want you to have the best service and advice possible when buying your BUDDYs, especially for the first time. Even if you want to buy three or less online we invite you to contact us directly with any questions you might have. Don’t forget you are calling the manufacturer not just a sales person. Your satisfaction and feed back are important to us. We especially invite all our existing customers to contact us with their experiences with the BUDDY and opinions on how we can improve our product or service. 

The  STANDARD BUDDY and BIG BUDDY are designed to give you many years of service. With sealed bearings, heat treated drive gear, all aluminum frame and large drive nuts the BUDDY should give you the service life you expect and more. We have a 6 month replacement warranty to cover defective parts. We recommend you learn as much as you can about the BUDDY before purchasing this product. Watch the demonstration and installation videos and contact us with any questions prior to ordering. Make sure you are buying the right model for your binders. We are confident the more you learn, the more you will want the BUDDY. If you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days of use you may return your purchase for a 100% refund. No restocking charge. You will get 100% of your money back. Just pay the shipping. You can also exchange your BUDDY for a different model within the first 30 days at no charge.

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We designed the BUDDY to easily install and work on your existing ratchet load binders on purpose. Why replace the one that you already own, you have already paid for it! The BUDDY attachment gives you the best chain tie down for less.

The load binder BUDDY can be transferred to a new load binder should your binder become damaged or worn out. Because of the long service life built into the load binder BUDDY you can amortize the cost over several years. Time is money. The time saved using the BUDDY will pay for it many times over.



Fits 5/16" TO 3/8" AND 3/8"- 1/2" ratchet load binders

you will receive THE standard size buddy when ordering ON LINE



fits 1/2" - 5/8" ratchet load binders

NOTE: you will receive standard size buddy when ordering on-line

contact us to order the big buddy at: or phone 1-306-683-0330

buddy operating tips

safe BUDDY operation

It's simple and easy to use the buddy

installation tips

standard BUDDY
installation video

It's quick and easy to install on your load binders

installing the BIG buddy it's just that easy

big buddy Installation video

see how it fits on both the one piece and two piece Handle 1/2" - 5/8 " binders


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