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Our high torque load binder attachment…


The time consuming job of extending and retracting your load binder is a thing of the past with the BOSS. Now a cordless drill does the job in a fraction of the time. Wouldn’t you rather be back in the cab and driving down the road instead of chaining down your load.


The BOSS is geared to multiply the torque of your drill at least 15 times. The added torque makes it easy to tighten your chains securely with any quality cordless drill. The BOSS lets the power of the cordless drill do the work for you.


We all know that the over center load binder, “boomers,”can be very dangerous and many people have been seriously injured using them over the years. The ratchet style load binders was designed to make chaining down a load safer and more secure. The only problem is the repetitive ratcheting action required to loosen and tighten the chain is very time consuming. This is the reason that some operators still use “boomers” and put their personal safety and the safety of the load at risk. The BOSS changes all that. The Boss combines the reliability of the ratchet load binder with the power and speed of the cordless drill to give you the fastest, safest and easiest chain tie down system. Their is no longer an excuse to put the safety of you or your employees at risk by using boomers.

Loading and unloading equipment can be physically demanding. Reducing the physical demands associated with load binder operation will reduce the possibility of injury or accident due to repetitive motion and fatigue. The BOSS makes the physically demanding job of securing loads easier and safer.

The BOSS is designed with safety in mind. Today’s modern cordless drills are powerful and can put a lot of stress on the hands and wrist. The BOSS is designed so the torque of the drill is transferred to the handle of the load binder when tightening (see our video). One hand is all that is needed to hold the drill under full torque. There is no stress on the hand, wrist and arm. The drill operates at a position that keeps your hand and fingers out of harms way at all times. Anyone regardless of strength can use the BOSS safely. Just another reason the BOSS is the best.

Put safety first with the BOSS.


The BOSS definition of efficiency: Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and time. The BOSS makes the slow, tedious and physically demanding job of using load binders effortless and quick. The only easier way to chain down a load is to get somebody else to do it. There is no faster way no matter who is doing it. There is no learning curve to using the BOSS so anyone can take full advantage of the BOSS immediately. This is a benefit when you have a helper or new employee. On those occasions where your load binder is in an awkward location and ratcheting is difficult or the binder is hard to reach the easy to use BOSS/drill combination can make a huge difference to operator efficiency. The physical energy you save by letting the drill do the work can be used for something more productive. Like giving your significant other a bigger hug later.

Efficiency of the BOSS means you’ll be miles down the road instead of still tying down your load.


We designed the BOSS to install easily on your existing ratchet load binder on purpose. Why replace the one that you already own, you already paid for it! The BOSS attachment gives you the best chain tie down for less.

The load binder BOSS can be transferred to a new load binder should your binder become damaged or worn out. Because of the long service life built into the load binder BOSS you can amortize the cost over several years. Time is money. The time saved using the BOSS will pay for it many times over.


No drill, low battery, not enough power, no problem with the BOSS. The Quick Release feature allows manual operation at any time in seconds. Imagine not having a manual override and being stuck with having to use a wrench or socket set to loosen off or tighten up your load binder because you have no drill or battery is low or dead. This is unacceptable. We feel the need to have a manual override is so important we would never offer a system without it.


You can see that quality is built into every Load Binder BOSS. Aluminum and stainless steel throughout. All aluminum frame. Tough but light weight. Will never rust. Stainless steel drive. Drive shaft, drive screw and drive nut are made from wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel. Ball bearings not bushings on drive shaft provide trouble free operation and more efficient transfer of power. The Boss is built to give many years of trouble-free service under the harshest of conditions.

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